About You

You’re a writer, too. Right?

Embrace it. Deny it. Revel in it. Dine out on it.

But whatever you do, just keep writing; right?

And when you get stuck, there are people out there to help.
Friends and family… well, let’s face it, they’d like to think they support you, but when you call at 3am after your 2nd bottle of Scotch (for the week) – they’re not really that impressed with you, or your dreams, and they’ll probably say mean and unhelpful things.

That’s where I come in.

I will be there for you through thick and thin – because I want to, and because you’re paying me. And because you’re paying me, I won’t be placating you or blowing smoke up your assets. I will be telling you the truth, on time – every time. I won’t say I’ll read your script and then place it in the recycling bin – I’ll read it, give you notes, reports, advice, timing sheets, meet with you for coffee – you got it all.

And when you’re bleating on again about unresolved character plots, second act slumps and unimaginative B stories – I won’t roll my eyes and ask you to pass the salt – I’ll be there to get the salt out of the wounds and help you find that second fifth wind to get your ideas out there in a readable, sellable and lucrative format.

When you look at it this way, I’m not only helping save your sanity and scripts, I’m also saving your relationships!

And I’m cheaper than a relationship consultant or shrink.

But enough about me – I’m here for you.


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